Bri McWhorter

Activate to Captivate

Talk Title: Learning to Lead

During your career, there will be times when you are asked to step into a leadership position. This transition often happens quickly so it is important to be prepared. This workshop will highlight helpful phrases to encourage a collaborative environment, how to prepare for various meetings, and how to craft clear and concise content. Whether you're interested in a job in academia or industry, this workshop will help you step into a leading role.

Bri McWhorter is the Founder and CEO of Activate to Captivate, where she teaches communication techniques from an actor’s point of view. She specializes in public speaking, scientific communications, interview skills, and interpersonal communications. She has taught workshops at Fortune 500 companies, privately coached VPs and CEOs, and led certificate programs at top universities. She has an MFA in Acting from University of California, Irvine and a BA in Theater and Performance Studies from University of California, Berkeley.